What to Expect When You Visit Granite Heights

Picture of grapes on our vines

  • -When open -Tastings are Fridays- 1 PM to 5.45 PM and ​Saturday and Sunday- Noon to 4.45 PM.
  • -Cost is $12 per person (and applies to only to non-groups) and generally 7 or 8 wines are tasted from GH.
  • -Some of the wines tasted each month may be changed (so each month different wines may be tasted).
  • ​-Any visitor that wishes to utilize the premises (indoor or outdoor) at Granite Heights for any amount of time needs to be a paying customer.  We reserve the right to limit your time at Granite Heights to two (2) hours.
  • -If you bring a pet- we require all pets to be kept on a leash and be kept outside (unless a service animal).  
  • -Any group or gathering of 5 or more persons for any reason at any part of Granite Heights requires the pre-approval of Granite Heights to have such a gathering on our private property. 
  • -Any group or gathering of 5 or more persons at Granite Heights, once pre-approved by Granite Heights, can be limited to 2 hours duration (unless this time limit is waived by Granite Heights).
  • - For groups of 5 or more, a wine purchase of 1 bottle per two adults is required.  (Some other wineries require purchases 50 dollars or more per couple and thus are policy is very reasonable). Thus, for a group of 5 adults = a purchase of two bottles minimum. For a group of 6-7 adults = a purchase of three bottles minimum. For a group of 8 adults = a purchase of four bottles minimum.
  • -No Group Limos, buses, SUVs, and vans and any similar type groups at this time.
  • -​Only alcohol from Granite Heights is permitted at Granite Heights- this is STATE LAW.  Any alcohol from any other source is NOT permitted and you will be told to leave the farm immediately if you do not adhere to this STATE LAW.
  • -​GH does not host weddings.  
  • -​No photo shoots are permitted at the farm/winery. This includes no portrait photography for any wedding, engagement, quinceañera, family, maternity, portfolio, prom, graduation, and any other posed portraiture of individuals by professional photographers or amateur photographers, whether paid or unpaid.
  • -GH has a 'no-smoking' and 'no vaping' policy -meaning no smoking or vaping on the winery/farm property.
  • ​-Granite Heights is Private Property.
  • -The use of the buildings including bathrooms is for paying customers only.
  • -The use of the picnic tables and/or grounds during normal business hours are for paying customers only.  
  • -​For the safety of all, no drones or any remote controlled moving vehicles or similar toys. No setting up of sports equipment or similar equipment at the winery/farm (e.g., no horseshoes, no nets, no golf, etc...)
  • -​No hunting or fishing at the farm/winery is permitted by customers of GH.

                         FOOD AT GRANITE HEIGHTS

  • -We offer cured meats (e.g., salami) and cheeses and Pretzel bread for eating inside the Tasting Room or on the grounds.
  • -You must be 21 years or older to drink wine on the premises.
  • -NO alcohol beverages are permitted unless bought from GH -this is Virginia State Law.
  • -​Caterers are not permitted at GH unless hired by GH.
  • -We reserve the right to inspect all coolers/picnic baskets brought on the property. 
  • -Picnic groups larger than 5 persons need to contact the Tasting Room in advance for availability of seating outside.
  • -GH is private property.