Events at Granite Heights

Granite Heights participates in a very limited number of festivals and we limit the events at the winery for one important reason.  As we have told many, we want to focus on the wines and if you have too many events, you can forgot the main reason of our winery - to make really nice wines. We also want you to enjoy our wines in a peaceful countryside setting. Come see and enjoy.

Pizza Fridays with Wine (we either have pizza or other great food to enjoy with our wines on Fridays)

Events at the Granite Heights
We do not, at this time, permit or host weddings on the property (though, we agree, it would be an awesome place for one). We are open to having some small gatherings and it is best to call or e-mail us to discuss this possibility. Our pavilion that is capable of seating up to about 60 persons will be available in November 2017 for reservations. Contact the Tasting Room for details on using that space.