Our beloved Ashby,

We shall always remember you and we shall always miss you in so many ways.

How you could watch TV and actually distinguish animals on the screen by sight, and jump at them and bark at them --- amazing! Watching the Scooby-Doo movies and dog and cat food commercials

and so many other animal clips were nearly impossible for you and us, since you were at the screen barking and jumping endlessly. It brought big grins to our faces.

How you could be so persistent in your hunting of mice in wood piles and elsewhere. How you would pull down wood from the pile, to get to the mouse. You were affectionately known as our “Mouse Man.” 

No cat could match you on the hunt.

Speaking of nick names, you were known as our “Little Man” and our “Boo.”

We would marvel at how you would see birds and helicopters in the air and start a mad dash across the yard to get to them. Happy to say, you never ran into any object during the mad dash.

Our Ford Ranger dashboard will forever have your teeth marks of frustration, from the day you saw the flock of Seagulls in the parking lot and you got so wound up at wanting to get to them.

And, how you would sit on top of the middle ledge (between the head rests) of that Ranger, to get the best view and to be in the center of it all.

We remember some of the many words that you understood: “Geese,” “Deer,” “Squirrel,” “Horse,” “Mouse,” and our favorites “Moo-Moo” and “Ice Cream.”

Boy, you really loved ice cream – a dog with a real sweet tooth, and just the mention of the word would bring you to our feet with that look of great expectation which would make us melt.

We remember how fearless you were – thunder and lightning were things to excite you and to chase and not to hide from.  A tree falling in the forest would only get you more excited. Having to hold

you back from attacking fireworks was a given.

Walking across every fallen tree was a ritual for you.

Running up to us and barking or jumping on the back of our legs when we held a hose, during a hot summer day, was just your way of saying “how about some water please.”

Being able to be friendly with all – babies, children, and adults and showing the right temperament with each was just so natural for you.

Insisting on climbing and sliding down the slide at the playground reminded us just how much of a “kid” you were. You wanted to always have fun.

We could smile at your personality so many times, like you being grumpy when you were tired and you didn’t want to go out. You would never bite, but you sure would let us know that you were

grumpy and tired.

You always slept by our side and wanted to be with us, and yet you could always keep yourself busy when we were working in the yard.

Ah, Ashby, you were an incredible Alpha dog, friend, and companion to us. We were blessed to have you for these 12 years, but now you belong to the Man upstairs. We are so sure that you

immediately made friends with all at the Gates Of Heaven.  We take great comfort knowing that you will be sitting at the Gates when our day comes and barking at our arrival, and then we can say

– “Thank you ole fearless and loving friend, for waiting for us – now, let’s continue the fun forever.”

Picture of Ashby

My Ashby
Our Beloved Westie

(you sometimes find a picture of him on some of our bottles)

Mascot Forever at Granite Heights

(our dedication to Ashby is below- he sure meant a lot to us as well as our other pets that have joined him)