• ​The Event Room at Granite Heights is fully enclosed and climate controlled with a stone façade gas fireplace that comfortably seats 60 people.
  • Rates are $150 per hour (need to include time to set up and clean afterwards). 
  • ​Reservations are required in advance for bookings.
  • ​Available every day of the week throughout the year excluding major holidays.
  • ​Please contact our Tasting Room (540-349-5185) or send an e-mail to matt(AT)gh.wine
  • ​Perfect for family socials, birthday celebrations, rehearsal dinners, retirement parties, and holiday events!
  • Need a room to host a small business event such as a financial seminar or training event? This is the perfect location to get customers interested in attending.
  • Want to get off site or into the country for business meetings, outings, or team building events? Consider Granite Heights and this room which is equipped with Wi-Fi, USB ports, and a monitor for presentations or slide shows. 
  • Granite Heights can offer wine tastings and a winery tour along with catering services to make your meeting memorable. 
  • ​Our Event Coordinator can assist you with planning your event including table arrangements, catering, wine selections, wine tasting, and more. Leave the specifics to our team and enjoy your event.  


at Granite Heights

​Consider Granite Heights Winery for your event.